Services to benefit
your business

My HR consulting support is designed to help your organization achieve its goals through expert guidance in key areas of human resources. I offer a range of services, including:

Emergency Help

I’m can help when HR emergencies happen. Some examples:


  • Legal Compliance Issues: Unintentionally breaking employment laws can lead to fines or legal action. This could be anything from not adhering to employment standards to mishandling employee records.
  • Employee Misbehaviour: People do things that maybe grossly out-of-step with acceptable norms of the workplace.  It’s crucial you take action quickly from possibly mitigating threats to looking into what happened.
  • Allegations of Harassment or Discrimination: These are serious claims that can affect your business's reputation and morale. If left unaddressed they can lead to legal action. They require an immediate, thorough investigation and appropriate action to address the issue and support the people involved.

HR Planning and Execution

HR planning and execution is all about mapping out your growth needs so your business can thrive. I can help with the mix of preparation and action.

  • Fundamentals: Compliance, good policy, and efficient processes are crucial to protect your business and streamline day-to-day work. 
  • Talent: Smart hiring, effective onboarding,and nurturing your team's growth will set you up for success and growth.
  • Performance Support: Imagine a sports team without goals or feedback.  It won’t win.  Your team will also thrive with high quality feedback and appreciation whether in a unionized or non-unionized business.
  • Organization Design: Beyond the fundamental policies and procedures, the right design of pay, culture, and reporting relationships will help you grow more easily.
  • Strategy: The right plan, for managing and growing your team, will support your business goals.

AI Power:

AI is the way of the future: less admin, more value.  I can help you tap into the potential of AI to reduce the burden on leaders and HR. I can also help you use AI to ensure your employees get the best information about the way you do things.


How do we start the formal relationship ?

We will have a discussion to review the work you want done. I will put together a proposal including pricing and send it to you. We can discuss further or, if you are agreeable, we will write and sign a letter of engagement.

How much do you cost?

Depending on the type of work and degree of predictability, pricing in a flat fee, hourly, retainer. My pricing is competitive.

Can you provide labour relations support?

I have worked in A.Dth unionized and non-unionized environments.I have dealt with grievances and been on negotiating teams.

What services do you offer.

I offer a broad ran of HR services from emergency support to strategy. If I don't think I am the right person to support you, I can connect you with other HR practitioners to support in a specific area.