YouTube Channel, HR Consulting

Welcome to the HR Hub! The Hub is an HR Consulting company and YouTube channel helping organizations (and HR professionals) solve their HR problems.

My passions are leading all types of HR projects, employee engagement, employee and labour relations, and policy. I take a direct approach to solving HR issues, ensuring that my clients receive practical and effective solutions that address the root cause of their challenges.

I am dedicated to helping my clients drive greater business success through their people practices. I can help you create a positive and productive work environment or address particular areas of friction. Whether you're looking for guidance on a specific HR issue or seeking comprehensive support for your HR function, I can help!

About Andrea Adams

I aim to make a positive impact and difference. The way I do that is through HR.

I believe that all businesses, whether private, non-profit, or government, have the potential to achieve great things through their employees. I will collaborate with you to create a plan that takes advantage of the strengths and potential of your workforce, while also aligning with your specific goals and needs. I will listen to your needs and offer recommendations for a clear and effective path forward.

I bring a wealth of knowledge and understanding of human resources, gained from through a wide range of experiences including interviewing experts on YouTube and my education (a BBA in HR and an MPA). I have also provided consulting services to a wide range of businesses. With this diverse background, I am able to offer a range of perspectives and approaches to effectively managing HR in any organization.